About the Sanctuary

The Heart and Soul Animal sanctuary is a natural evolution of a deep love for animals and bearing witness to too many animals in dire circumstances. Driving around in New Mexico can feel like traveling in a third-world country; the neglect is hard to look at.


But we don't turn the other way.


Instead, we rescue.

We provide safety, shelter, food, and love.

Lots of love.

And the animals begin to trust again.


We do not cage animals at the sanctuary. Instead, we offer the most suitable habitat for each species. Turtle doves have a peaceful aviary, free to fly through the oak and bath in a trickling stream. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens reside together in outdoor enclosures with huts for warmth and safety. Cats live together in a series of bunkhouses, each equipped with soft beds, scratching posts, and plenty of napping spaces, complete with an outdoor enclosure for bird watching and sunbathing. Horses, donkeys, llamas, and goats have plenty of room to roam through the trees and can rest safely in one of many lean-tos or stalls, if they choose.


Last but not least, we have what we refer to as the 'Giant Dog House.' We believe that in order to restore a dog's physical and emotional health, they need to experience the kind of treatment that they would in a loving home. So dogs that enter the sanctuary live with each other, are served bottomless bowls of kibble and canned food, and receive 24-hour care 7 days per week by our Director, Natalie Owings.       


On any given day, we care for 150 animals at the sanctuary. Some are permanent residents, while others are recovering from illness or injury and awaiting their forever homes.


We receive animals from animal control euthanasia lists, overcrowded shelters, and concerned citizens who find animals in dire circumstances - puppies tossed in dumpsters, wounded strays, starving horses, and discarded farm animals. 


We encourage you to be a concerned citizen; please look out for the animals around you. You may just save a life.