The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary horse before

Prince upon arrival at The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary

The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary horse after care

Prince after several months under our care


Prince was found in the Santa Fe National Forest between Pecos and Colonias by a woman out hiking with her grandchildren. Prince was dumped there by a man who sped off in a pick-up, leaving Prince to die in his emaciated state. Presumably, the man stopped caring for Prince long before this moment. Thankfully, the woman contacted us and we were able to get a staff member out right away to pick Prince up. Prince was then examined by our vet, and we began feeding him a consistent diet of senior equine cereal (dry and mash) and alfalfa. Sadly, Prince is just one of many horses left to starve in rural New Mexico. The lucky ones make it to our sanctuary. Others end up at auctions where they are often sold for transport the the Mexican border for slaughter.


If you see an equine in need, please contact us so that we can step in before it's too late.